Ministry Focus Areas

Leadstar International is accomplishing its work by establishing:

1. Leadstar Ministries: Teaching and preaching around the world.

2. Leadstar Media Production: Mass media broadcasting  through Mo’aa TV and Evangelical TV.

3. Leadstar Education: Leadstar Academy – elementary education; Leadstar Theological College – theological training in undergraduate and graduate studies; and Leadstar College of Management.

Leadstar Ministries

Preaching, teaching, evangelistic campaigns, leadership training conventions, partnering with the Lutheran Church across the world. To connect with local events or make a speaking request, please visit:

Leadstar Media Production

Mo’aa TV and Evangelical TV serve as agents of mission broadcasting the Good News of Christ to the world in three languages, Afaan Oromo, Amharic and English. Our mainstream media uses satellite technology to broadcast the Gospel from Morocco to Pakistan. That means our media footprint covers the entirety of North Africa, East Africa, portions of Sub-Saharan Africa, and the entire Middle East into Near Eastern Nations. Both of our twenty-four hour television channels are sharing the Good News of Jesus throughout regions covering most of the nations where mission and ministry is physically forbidden. Both of our television channels are generating income of their own to sustain and support their own mission and ministry. They are also supported and funded by donations and the support of viewers from the United States and other parts of the world. 

Leadstar Education

Leadstar Theological College is a training institute offering theological and leadership trainings to produce leaders and ministers for churches and humanitarian agencies who are serve our Lord Jesus Christ around the world. 

Our theological college is Biblically grounded, confessional, evangelical, inter-denominational, and a missional institution. Our goal is training 100,000 leaders in between 2020 – 2040 in various nations of our world. We strongly believe that as we recruit, train, graduate and deploy leaders and ministers in the world, that we will be able to have a deeply impactful and sustained outcome. Therefore, Leadstar Theological College serves as an institution of higher learning with a clear vision of producing transformative global leaders. 

Watch for additional information on Leadstar Academy coming soon!

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